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Rock Tumblers: Machines to discover the hidden beauty of minerals and rocks

Rock Tumblers: Machines to discover the hidden beauty of minerals and rocks

New hobbies can show you things about yourself you never knew you have before. It can teach you a lot of great things about the world as well and appreciate more on what’s in it. Trying out new things and taking chances on new things to try is always a good idea in finding your potentials. And while finding yourself, you are having fun as well. Giving new things a try allows you to explore new depths of yourself and maybe your passion. There is beauty everywhere and in everything—even in stones.

What is a Rock Tumbler?

Rock tumblers are lapidary machines that give classy finish on stones. These are basically used for polishing and smooth rough rocks, glass, pebbles and stones as well as those that are found on the beach. These are the tools used in forming jewelries, crafts and for making tumbled stones. With this tool, rough rocks are tumbled to reveal the hidden beauty of ordinary rocks that will be used in making jewelry pieces and other crafts. More information is on out new site -

How does Rock Tumbling Works?

Rock Tumbling works by taking rough stones as raw material and are placed inside a barrel with selected grits inside. The rocks are then rotated until the rough edges are removed. After the stones are naturally shaped as the rough edges were removed, the stones are polished in a final phase until it is completely smooth that is perfect as gifts, in making jewelries, ornaments and other crafts. is rock tumbling all about?


A Raw Quartz stone

This hobby is suitable for people who have the interest in revealing the natural color, shine and unique beauty of stones and other semi-precious gemstones. For beginners, one might find it difficult at first and it takes a lot of care and tons of patience in order to make a nice set of tumbled stones but with practice, enough interest and will you will be able to finally bring out the beauty that is hiding on every stones. And if you do, for sure it will give you enjoyment and satisfaction for every unique piece that you are able to make. You can also read in detail about the process and different styles in a beginner’s guide here.

Every stone is unique and it possesses different kinds of beauty. There are a lot of things that tumbled stones are used and it only takes imagination and creativity to turn a unique tumbled stone into something more beautiful and even valuable. This stones are usually made into keychains, jewelry items home accents and ground cover which beautify a garden.

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